[PATCH 0/3] layer23 SMSCB support

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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 08:09:34 UTC 2010


> I have Tx disabled anyway, but it didn't hit me until you said it out loud.
> Dedicated-mode SDCCH also has uplink slots, doesn't it?

Yes. And it also has SACCH slots that the CBCH doesn't have.

> To make this work I guess we need to implement some separate CBCH mode in
> L1.


It seems that CBCH never have subslots ? (Looking at GSM 05.02 Clause
7 Table 3 of 9).

If it says SDCCH4 it's always B32..B35 (like a SDCCH4 subslot 2)
If it says SDCCH8 it's always B8..B11 (like a SDCCH8 subslot 2)

I'll look into adding a command to support going to that channel along
with the appropriate scheduling.

> In which case, I suppose it should be possible to continue receiving CCCH
> at the same time?

No, we can only get data from 1 timeslot in each frame, so if it's in
a SDCCH8 there can be conflicts.
(If it's in SDCCH/4 then that should be OK)

We'll probably be able to do that only when we get to DRX (where we
only listen to specific slots).



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