Sciphone Dream G2 WLan MT5921

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Heiko Stübner heiko at
Fri Nov 12 13:11:49 UTC 2010


Harald Welte wrote:
> bluetooth or FM radio.  The GSM RF transceiver is probably possible to
> reverse engineer from the test mode + 3wire protocol sniffing, but wifi e.g. is
> defnitely too complex to do a 100% reverse engineered driver for...
while looking through the component listing on Wolgang's wiki page I 
recognized the MediaTek MT5921 WLan-chipset.

This should be the same (or at least similar) chip built into the german 
Thalia/Bol/ Oyo ebook-reader (also released in France). The module is 
called mt5921sta_spi.ko and claims to be released under the GPL but until now 
no source release happened for any GPL component.

The module is also contained in the firmware of the Booq Avant released in 
Spain ( and possibly many more 
ebook-readers as these models seem to share their basic design.

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