Linux + u-boot port to MT6235

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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Nov 9 06:29:00 UTC 2010


> By the way - many shops still sell the "Sciphone G2+", do you know
> the difference compared to the G2? One thing I noticed is that the
> G2 seems to be triple-band (there's a 850/1800/1900 and a
> 900/1800/1900 variant), and the G2+ quad-band.
> Can you confirm this?

A positive confirmation for this kind of thing is really hard.
I asked Bluelans sales, and they said they never sold a "G2+". They
thought some online shops just added the '+' to improve their sales
over the ones that have no plus :-)
As for the G2 being triple-band, do you have some links? All I heard
is that G2 is quad-band. The box I am holding in my hand says
"Quad-band phone with WIFI", although that also doesn't need to mean
I could imagine that some ICs on the G2 can do quad, but other
components on the board (filters?) actually pick 3 of those 4?

So - I can only ask back :-) Can anyone confirm that the G2 is really
and fully quad-band? Maybe we have to wait until OsmocomBB is at the
point that we see it running...

I google
"Sciphone Dream G2 tri-band" : 10,300 results
"Sciphone Dream G2 quad-band" : 15,800 results

Welcome to China :-)
Of course you also find "tri-band GMS" and whatever other typos.
Sorry I have no definitive answer.

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