Linux + u-boot port to MT6235

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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Nov 3 17:41:31 UTC 2010


> I unsoldered plastic antenna, but there is only WiFi.
> Seems that RF transceiver is under metal shield.
> I just received second piece of Sciphone and uploaded new pictures
> with descriptions on Wiki:

I very much enjoyed reading your Sciphone G2 news and it motivated me
to jump in and try to help :-)
So it turns out a good friend of mine is Vice President of the company
that made the Sciphone G2 - it's a small world after all.
I wrote up what I found so far

The G2 was discontinued about a year ago, but over 200,000 were made so
we should be able to find some still.
He donated the absolute last 2 phones we could find in his office to the
OsmocomBB project, a normal black one as well as a prototype red one.
He also donated another 9 boards to OsmocomBB, I took this picture

They are reworked/fixed, but _should_ work (note that 3 are without Wi-Fi).
Now my question:
For those 9 boards, what are the most important missing pieces so they
can become useful for the OsmocomBB project?

I guess a charger/USB cable would be nice (it's not a standard plug).
What else?
LCM? Maybe not so important?
How about antennas? speaker/buzzer?

If I just send these 9 boards to Harald the way they are on the picture,
is that useful? Or should I try to find some more parts? I'm most concerned
about the antenna, not sure whether this is easy to source/find.

Separately, I will try to take pictures of the individual PCB layers, using
a V3.1 PCB. I should have them by the end of the week.
I am also trying to get the schematics, maybe BOM or other helpful data,
but I'm not so sure on those, maybe they cannot find them anymore even if
they would like to give them to us. Don't hold your breadth on those.

Bottom line: 2 full G2 + 9 PCBA donated to OsmocomBB, PCBA pictures
uploaded, PCB layer pictures coming. Schematics maybe.


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