Some L1 status updates

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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Wed Jun 23 11:39:09 UTC 2010

Hi Andreas,

>>  - layer23 doesn't currently filter much the IMM.ASS it receives so
>> you may end up on a channel that's not yours ... beware.
> what do you mean with "much"? i filter the channel with the channel
> request number (includes random number) in the IMM.ASS message. maybe in
> the future we can filter the time slot where it was sent (RACH confirm)
> and compare it also. but this requires RACH confirm with GSM time where
> it was sent.

I was refering to "layer23" the quick & dirty test app if you want to
play with the layer1.

The mobile app does everything properly.

For the RACH_CONF, from the code, I see that it already contains the
frame number at which the RACH was sent.
(in the l1ctl_info_dl  header of the CONF message, the frame_nr field is set)


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