OsmocomBB, Problem , prospects discussed.. with Mr. Spaar..

Dieter Spaar spaar at mirider.augusta.de
Sat Jul 31 14:16:51 UTC 2010

Hello Dev,

On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 04:21:57 -0700 (PDT), "Dev Purohit" <devpurohit19 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Yet again if i'm able to run the code and even able to interact using
> L2/3 or osmoload with phone i don't know how to use phones analogue
> BaseBand ( ADC) and download the fetched raw data after ((of desired ARFCN
> n TS) to host PC and save it in  *.cfile format or MatLab( simulink)
> supported format , if i'm able to do up to this extent i'm pretty sure i
> can convert it into Voice as i'm reasonably sound with MatLab...

The DSP does not directly deliver the raw ADC samples. You can get them
with some tricks but this won't help much because the UART is not fast
enough to transfer them continuously to the PC.

As far as I know Sylvain is trying to get the demodulated raw data bits
out of the DSP, he can tell you better about his progress.

Best regards,
Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at mirider.augusta.de

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