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Dev Purohit devpurohit19 at
Fri Jul 23 12:49:29 UTC 2010

Hello All,
My basic question is related to progress and accomplishment of this project and related project like airprob.
1 if any of these project have reached up to the point where Um or Abis interface traffic  can be change to voice or at least to the stage where it can get PCM or ISDN level voice data 
 let say through layer1application  we change synthesizer frequency to specific ARFCN, and tune to a specific TS. can it  fetch traffic( without encryption, a5/0, testing down link traffic between MS and testing BTS ) channel and after base-band processing  can it give voice data (either PCM o, analogue format, digital voice coding) if so what all sections/ applications will  involve of this application or if this is possible through airprob so for now. 
Thank you in advance..

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