batter charging interface / iota madc block

Joachim Steiger roh at
Sun Feb 28 02:55:12 UTC 2010

sorry for not writing anything earlier, but i'm currently moving so i'm
a bit short of time.

i have been working on the bci and madc block already, so if you are not
already done, i'd like to do that.

its a bit tricky since one needs to do quite a lot to charge the battery
correctly, but in the end we could even charge nimh and i guess small
lead batterys also if we want to (with different code).

i have done the irq handlers, the charger plug in detection and the
async madc stuff is already working.
it just needs some cleanup before commit.

about the bci stuff: i'm now done reading and understanding the iota
datasheets and appnotes (the latter one having invaluable information
not in the datasheets).
'just' need to get it written down in code and debug it. ;)

summary: if you can live with charging your batteries for another week
or 2, just try figuring out the ringer and or vibra for example

ps: according the the schem the vibra should be controlled by the auxdac
of iota. i poked it and some enable bit few minutes, but couldnt get it
doing anything.
so there is still a mystery or 2 left.

kind regards



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