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hello :)

okay, I know here is the focos for open / free baseband implementation, 
first for the Calypso chipset.

I have collected some more links  about application proessor / nokia
smartphones  today. I hope these do not disturb so much.

Hw sx1                                                                    

Linux on N70 (by sledge ?) 

  "OMAP 1710 has Locosto/Calypso secure ROM"                                                                                                                   
  "All Nokia’s registers are re-mapped from orig OMAP specs.. Nokia did it 
   on purpose as special order to Texas Instruments.                               So we will have to blind-probe the memory addresses to find out all
   those right addressings.. As well as by disassembling current ARM apps."     

  "kernel-mode source available to play with!"

Linux on Nokia6630 (by sythenast) 

TI Presentation: OMAP - RF                                                                                                                          
Page 17                                                                         
Page 11 

Nokia Schematic Section   

  "You have no control over it, and the only way to determine it is by
   examining the system source code to see how the manufacturer did it
   (unless you have access to a low-level debugger that can tell you
   what's going on in the device)."                                                => open source symbian 

"Cellular Baseband Services Guide"                                     

=> Baseband Channel Adaptor (BCA) Framework, Inter System Commmunications

but when you search about the Inter System Communications you only found
"restricted access" pages - only for members of Symbian Foundation.

Komponente für die Empfangssteuerung: (nokia) (end of page)                                 

interesting - an other project by Harald, which I do not noticed before:                                                             
"The OpenEZX project tries to gather information about the Linux-based 
Motorola EZX phone platform (mainly the A780, E680 and E680i phones)."

and there I found sledge with this N70 project:

"Offtopic/ask for assistance: Linux on Nokia N70 (OMAP 1710)"  

FPGA Implementation of a GSM Baseband Processor                                     
ATMEL Embedded ASIC Macrocell: Wireless Baseband ASF08 GSM Baseband Receive Port                
Signal Processing Blockset 6.10 - GSM Digital Down Converter             

kind regards,


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