introduce myself

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Mon Feb 22 14:44:00 UTC 2010

hi there,
my name is andreas eversberg. i worked for the mISDN and openbsc project
before. after joining the openbsc project, i mainly worked on the call
control protocol and the application interface, as well as E1 kernel
driver improvements for openbsc. i expanded my linux-call-router
application to be able to link with openbsc, so both become a mobile
network, as used on the 26c3. 
i like to put my experience into the osmocomBB project. therfore i
started working on the layer 3 "call control" (network layer, mobile
side) already. (TS 04.08) the application interface is almost identical,
so osmocomBB can be used with linux-call-router also. the next goal is
to implement "radio ressource" protocol and "mobility management"
protocol (real state machine), and i hope to get help with that. all
three protocols are required to do voice calls.
my motivations for joining the project are at the moment:
 - having a cool (graphical) network monitor
 - backup line for PBX, PBX in a car.
 - attaching (virtual) test SIM via phone's menu
 - changing IMEI via phone's menu
i hope this project make as much phun as openbsc.


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