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Sat Feb 20 15:46:32 UTC 2010

Hi all,

congrats for your awesome research and work, this is truly impressive.

The little ant that I am (compared to you) was interested in helping you
with the SIM aspects of the project. I think I know javacard sufficiently to
implement a basic sim card that can be totally controlled. I already started
to think on how to do that. This will include making host side tools, too.
If javacard is not open enough, we can also look at native cards using PIC,
for example. In our previous discussions, the main problem was the
availability of SIM sized cards, be them javacards or not.

pros and cons
- javacard is an industry standard, coupled with GlobalPlatform specs this
is a portable way to put an application on a card without being locked with
a card manufacturer.
- native PIC cards benefit from a lot of open tools such as the gp* PIC
tools, asm, sdcc for compiler and gpsim for simulation.
- some projects exists already, I don't know them well, maybe they can be
used, forked, improved.
- availability must be checked.

I'd like to request precisions on how the things should be done, what are
the minimal requirements (files, etc) and when the openSim project will be
needed regarding to your progress.

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