Fwd: MTK port: Interesting device.

Andrew aifiltr0 at invyl.ath.cx
Wed Dec 29 19:51:56 UTC 2010

Hello all. 
Just back from the hospital, so I haven't followed the development much
for some time.
Anyway, I've recently stumbled upon an interesting device:
I think I'll order that one sometime soon, so that I can look at it in
more detail.
This is a chinese phone with android, but some things make me think that's
MTK inside.
According to desctiption:
ARM926EJ-S rev 5(v5l) BogoMIPS: 207.66
Android 2.2.1 OS system/Wifi(802.11b)/TV/GPS/FM/JAVA
Price - 130 bucks.
Sounds familiar? 
Compared to my E1000:
ARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l) BogoMIPS: 104.24

Twice more Bogomips. The hardware pretty much seems like a typical MTK,
and for that price I guess there actually is MTK inside, something a
better than 2635, so the problem is to find the sources somewhere (And my
bet is, that if they don't make it to the mainline - they'll leak out to
the web) If the chips are pretty much identical, and they are, this might
be a good thing. I think I'll buy one after the holiday madness is over
and, hopefully, provide teardown photos, firmware dump and more details.


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