MT6235/6140 and MT6516?

Marcin.Mielczarczyk at Marcin.Mielczarczyk at
Wed Dec 8 20:03:21 UTC 2010

Hi Duane,

> They already have Windows mobile 6.5 drivers mature for MT6516, and they
> have android drivers (not only driver but the whole system image),
> which might be an important referenece for developing MT6235 linux
> drivers.  So I believe it's a good idea to ask MTK for its MT6516
> linux driver and see what can be ported.

Thanks for pointing out MT6516 which is pretty interesting as it's ARM926EJ-S running at 416MHz (twice bigger frequency than MT6235).
I just looked through MT6516 datasheet and it seems that basic peripherals like GPIO,
IRQ controller, keypad controller, timers, UARTs are the same (just amount of some of these peripherals is different). For these peripherals we already have Linux drivers.
If it comes to more complex peripherals, like NAND controller or LCD controller, they are different on MT6516.
Seems that they are redesigned and improved when comparing to MT62xx (in case of NAND there is new ECC block).
Differences between peripherals of MT6235 and MT622x are really small and in case of MT6516 these differences are fundamental.
Of course I looked just at some of the peripherals I already know, didn't go through whole datasheet.

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