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ml at ml at
Thu Dec 2 17:24:42 UTC 2010

I continued the hardware design

I added :
- a switch, to choose between SIMtrace and normal SC reader. the USB
CCID profile could be loaded during boot. VCC can be supplied to power
the SC.
- switches for the SC presence, included in the sockets
- LEDs to show the current mode
- transistor array to control the LEDs, SC connections, and I/O line
- line names
- ....

as I'm not an electrician, could someone check if this could work,
resistors/capacitors are missing, ....

here the schema :


On 24.11.2010 09:17, ml at wrote:
> To be able to choose between 1.8v (class c) or 3.3v (class b), there is
> a manual switch. The other solution would be to use logic level shifter.
> here the drawing :
> kevin

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