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Thank you very much for your response. I didn’t mention it, but I only want
to extract the analog signal (the 25 MHz baseband bandwidth), in order to
analyze the spectral content (I would capture this signal with another board
developed by us). Therefore, I don’t need to process it with the UmTRX.
However I need the UmTRX in order to do this analysis while keeping a phone


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If you need to extract them all simultaneously then you'd need about 25 MHz
baseband bandwidth, which I think at the moment is a bit more than the UmTRX
can do on one channel, you might be able to do something clever and look
across both channels maybe. That's a whole lot of processing as well, I'm
guessing you'll be analyzing the signals offline? USRP2 or USRP N series and
do about 25 MHz sustained on one channel, you'll need some good network
hardware on your PC to prevent overruns.



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I’m an engineer from Spain and I’m interested in a GSM receiver because I
would like to study the internal signals for a research project. In
particular, I’m interested in the analysis of the IF signal, but, as
Alexander told me, the LMS6002D uses zero-IF architecture, so there is no
real "IF" signal, there is only baseband signal. I guess I could also use
this signal for my purposes, but only if all 124 GSM channels can be found
at that point. I’m not sure if this is possible, since there is a low-pass
filter before. Does anybody know if I can extract that information, that is,
the analogic 124 channels after the RF mixer? If it is not possible with
this board, does anybody know if I can do it with another GSM transceiver

Thank you very much in advance.

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