osmo-bts-trx compilation

stephane at shimaore.net stephane at shimaore.net
Wed Dec 25 22:10:04 UTC 2013


I battled with osmo-bts-trx this afternoon; it didn't want to build with
old (at least not any I tried) nor recent libosmocore, so I ended up
using a chainsaw and cutting pieces out of it. The outcome is here:
You can see what I had to remove here:

This version builds with libosmocore etc `master` revisions.(*)
Once compiled this gives me a piece of software that starts and prints
out messages on the console, and apparently connects to the transceiver
on one side, and to osmo-bsc on the other side.

Anyhow, sending this out in hope this might save someone else a few
hours. :}

(*)  The `abis` and `rsl` code are completely different in recent
     libosmocore, I suspect this build uses the old `abis` code embedded
     inside osmo-bts. The sysmo-bts code was updated, but not the
     trx-bts code.

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