Problems with inaccurate assembled UmTRXv2

Alexander Chemeris alexander.chemeris at
Sat Nov 10 17:09:15 UTC 2012

Hi Andrey,

On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 7:16 PM, Andrey Sviyazov <andreysviyaz at> wrote:
> Hi Alexander.
> 2012/11/10 Alexander Chemeris <alexander.chemeris at>
>> Hi Andrey,
>> On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 9:55 PM, Andrey Sviyazov <andreysviyaz at>
>> wrote:
>> > I got two UmTRXv2 and both with the problems of inaccurate assembling.
>> I wonder, do they do at least visual inspection of boards after
>> assembly? This again reminds us that we have to create a test
>> procedure for the fab before we start manufacturing in quantities. If
>> you're a community member who could contribute to the test procedure -
>> we would greatly appreciate that (mention on the web-site, t-shirt,
>> even free hardware).
> I am afraid that I didn't understood what do you mean.
>> I'm willing to try a simple semi-automated visual testing - make
>> pictures of all boards and then subtract them from a reference one. If
>> performed well, we should clearly see all errors on the resulting
>> picture. The only question is how hard is it to "perform well".
> Do you mean to design some tooling and firmware/software for testing?

I think initially (while we're at low quantities) it should be a set
of procedures for manual or semi-automatic testing. Like sending
commands to UmTRX and checking it's responses, testing Tx and Rx with
the LMS loopback or a physical loopback cable. These may need only
slight modifications of the UHD code.

A visual inspection, e.g. using a photos of boards, as I described,
might help as well.

Later we will need to improve this procedures to be more automatic and
this will probably include special tooling, etc. But I think this is
only feasible when we move to higher quantity production or at least
when we finalize our hardware configuration. Right now we need
something to make sure the next batch will be tested.

Alexander Chemeris.
CEO, Fairwaves LLC / ООО УмРадио

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