UmTRX v1b coming soon

Andrey Sviyazov andreysviyaz at
Sun May 20 14:46:58 UTC 2012

Arrived to a place of relaxation and... started to work :(

There are questions about EB-570:

1) Is it used somewhere? In the datasheet there is probable errors, for
example, 1PPS is specified as input.
2) There are inputs Reset and Standby. The first can be left open, and the
second is possible need to be connected to to FPGA.
3) There Is RTC_CLK_O we don't need him? And that there may be, 32768?
4) Which of two UART's better to use or are they equivalent? There are no
any words in datasheet about it.
5) Unfortunately no place for both on PCB and we can use either EB-230 or

Best regards,
Andrey Sviyazov.
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