LMS TxLO noise

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Mon Jul 23 02:44:00 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 2:37 AM, Andrey Sviyazov
<andrey.sviyazov at fairwaves.ru> wrote:
> Thomas, thanks for file.
> But, may be you know, how to convert it to *.cfile for
> tx_samples_from_file.exe?
> Here attached zip with example of *.cfile which Alexander made for me in
> somewhere like MathLab, I think so.
> Rename zi_ to zip first.
> Alexander, may be you know and then you can convert this file or part of it?

You do not need to convert, AFAIK.

>> >> Overall measurements are close (either above or below) to 1.5/5 for
>> >> the 900 band in general. 945 MHz is currently the best case, but that
>> >> is the frequency I spent the most time on with calibration. Do we need
>> >> to be consistently below 1.5/5 or just close?
>> >
>> > Thanks for the measurements. At the end we should be below that at all
>> > GSM bands. For now it's fine to be close.
>> >
>> > I also noticed that your frequency is far off - could you calibrate it
>> > and make pictures of the best and worst case in the 900 band?
>> Perhaps this is a silly question, but how do I calibrate the clock? or
>> use an external reference signal?
> Actually you can tune LMS frequensy with 1Hz step to compensate known error.

This won't produce correct symbol speed.

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