Dual-channel Tx

Andrew Karpenkov plddesigner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 20:14:59 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I added one more RX and TX units and connected them to the second LMS chip.
You can find fpga sources with full supply (both, receive and transmit) of
dual channel at akarpenkov/dual-channel branch of github repository.

Also, we need to make some changes in HOST code:

   - SR_RX_FRONT0 (base adress of RX0 frontend) was changed from 24 to 20
   - SR_RX_FRONT1 (base adress of RX1 frontend) was added with value = 25
   - SR_TX_FRONT (base adress of TX0 frontend) was changed from  128 to 110
   - SR_TX_CTRL (base adress of control logic of TX0 channel)  was changed
   from 144 to  126 (dec)
   - SR_TX_DSP (base adress of DSP TX0 unit)  was changed from 160  to  135
   - SR_TX1_FRONT (base adress of TX1 frontend) was added with value = 145
   - SR_TX1_CTRL (base adress of  control logic of TX1 channel) was added
   with value = 161 (dec)
   - SR_TX1_DSP (base adress of TX1 channel) was added with value = 170
   - Setting register to program the UDP TX DSP port (16 + 1 in dec) are
   now 32 bit wide (udp dst0 port - lower 16 bits, udp dst1 port - higher 16

I sent flash for FPGA to Alexander and he must publish files on the
site soon.
I should say, I have not tested work of the project. Please report any

Regards ,
Andrew Karpenkov
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