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> Hi Alexander,
> I will meet the French fab next monday. I am quite optimistic. This
> company looks really serious and prices seems to be reasonable.
> They would need some information about the TI160808U601 and the
> TI201209U121. Could you please let me know a supplier for these beads ? Do
> you have an approximate idea of the price of these components ?
Datasheets of two suppliers (manuf) attached here.
Actualy in Russia TECSTAR company more popular, but I can't find their
Aprox price - $0.05 @ reel qty

> By the way, if it is not already included in the GPS chip, it might be
> useful to add a 1575 MHz GPS SAW filter on the GPS Rx path. As we will
> transmit a strong GSM Tx signal, it might saturate the GPS Rx if we place
> the GPS antenna near the GSM antenna. What do you think ?
Usualy active GPS antennas already contain LNA and filtering.
More over, DC bypass will be required if we put SAW filter at input.

> Please let me know.
> Best regards.
> Jean-Samuel.
> :-)
Best regards,
Andrey Sviyazov.
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