Host access to UmTRX registers

Andrew Karpenkov plddesigner at
Tue Aug 7 19:06:51 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I added control logic of LMS reset pins into ZPU firmware (commit
the akarpenkov/dual-channel branch).
I need to take control under Diversity switches and LMS reset pins from
host. As I understand, python script "" is not able write FPGA
registers, it's can talk only with SPI devices.
Max, Sylvain or anyone else, can you help me get access to FPGA registers
(they connected to wishbone bus) from host? I'm not very good at
programming on python..
UHD can do this (example here: host\lib\usrp\usrp2\usrp2_impl.cpp:530).

Also I added second RX and TX channels to the FPGA firmware and according
with that changed memory maps in ZPU and HOST firmwares (all changes at
the akarpenkov/dual-channel branch on github).
Work of TX and RX DSP 2 units I can't check due to complete lack of support
in the HOST software. Could anyone make needed changes at HOST firmware?

Andrew Karpenkov
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