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Thomas, Robin, Sylvain,

If you want to attend OHS, I recommend you to get tickets NOW - they
are ridiculously few of them left.

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We have two types of tickets:
• Starving Artist Pass: ($50) For artists, students, and non-profits
• Summit Pass: ($75) Everybody else
All passes include: breakfast, snacks, post-conference drinks, and an
amazing gift bag from our sponsors. Please note that this year we will
not be serving lunch at the conference, but we will be in the
beautiful Chelsea area of Manhattan where there are many restaurants
for you to choose from. Ticket types are not strictly enforced, so
please exercise your judgment.

Check out the speaker lineup:
Get your tickets: http://ohsummit.eventbrite.com
More info about the summit: http://summit.oshwa.org/

Catarina & Dustyn

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