control and listen tetra unencrypted network

Jesús F. Trujillo elyeyus at
Sun Jul 8 22:25:19 UTC 2012

Nothing, the only information I can retrieve are the speech data (voice
files called traffic_X.wav, where X is the frame number 1 to 60), cell
information packet (frequency, encryption, etc...) and D-network-brcast
packets (with neighbour cell information).

So no SDS nor data packets. I think that if you want to retrieve this you
need to implement that part in the svn code. In order to get call
information you need to intercept call-setup process but nothing in the
actual code base takes care of this.

Jesús F.

2012/7/9 Media <media06 at>

> Thank you for your answer. So this mean that u can see informations
> like ISSI, ID group? Speech messages, you mean the SDS messages or
> talk on the group - real time? have you full access to all group in
> real time?
> Sorry, i have no experience with osmocom project jet; i having a few
> motorola terminals for testing, so this is my next step.
> Thanks,
> Regards.
> 2012/7/8 Jesús F. Trujillo <elyeyus at>:
> > I'm using rtl-sdr devices to decode tetra traffic at south of Spain with
> no
> > encryption. It's possible to decode speech messages but no call
> > identification is available so the files are named by frame number.
> >
> > Jesús F.
> >
> > 2012/7/8 Media <media06 at>
> >>
> >> hi all,
> >>
> >> I would like to know, if someone tested the network in ex-jugo states
> >> (like is Slovenia)? In our country use no encrypted network (clear, no
> >> TEA encrypted)... So, i wonder if is possible with osmcom project to
> >> listen (real time) to tetra groups? If is possible to do this with
> >> DVB-T reciver, like this:
> >> product: This
> >> means that you can monitoring all tetra network, but not for
> >> voice,because i need a voice decoder?
> >>
> >> Thanks for help and answers.
> >>
> >
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