control and listen tetra unencrypted network

Jesús F. Trujillo elyeyus at
Sun Jul 8 21:25:36 UTC 2012

I'm using rtl-sdr devices to decode tetra traffic at south of Spain with no
encryption. It's possible to decode speech messages but no call
identification is available so the files are named by frame number.

Jesús F.

2012/7/8 Media <media06 at>

> hi all,
> I would like to know, if someone tested the network in ex-jugo states
> (like is Slovenia)? In our country use no encrypted network (clear, no
> TEA encrypted)... So, i wonder if is possible with osmcom project to
> listen (real time) to tetra groups? If is possible to do this with
> DVB-T reciver, like this:
> product: This
> means that you can monitoring all tetra network, but not for
> voice,because i need a voice decoder?
> Thanks for help and answers.
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