Fun Cube Dongle Pro internals

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Wed Jun 1 12:56:25 UTC 2011

I am in the process of building a 
small unit with the E4000 connected to our mini-USRP design. We 
expecting the receiver board to be ready by the end of August. 

The device is under NDA, you need to sign and NDA with the company in order to get their datasheet. And once they have approved your company they 
will send you the datasheet as well as the name of their local 

The device has an internal programmable IF RC Filter between 1MHz and 21.4 MHz in 16 steps.


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>2011/5/29 Harald Welte <laforge at>:
>> Hi!
>> For those interested, I've taken apart the case and did some
>> investigation how the FCDP hardware architecture looks like.
>> The results are available at
>That's quite interesting as the E4000 seems to handle all the analog
>stuff without external LNA, etc.
>Simplifies things a lot.
>> It seems the silicon tuner actually is intended for DVB-T, thus the
>> bandwidth it can down-convert is _much_ higher.  However, the audio
>> codec that they use can only do 96kHz.
>> That's actually really sad.  I wish they had used something with higher
>> ADC rate.  But it seems like even high-end audio codecs never get you
>> beyond 196/216 kHz - still insufficient for e.g. GSM.
>I wasn't able to find the output bandwidth of the E4000 somewhere on
>the website. Do you have an idea of the bw?
>Still, gluing a faster dual-ADC plus hi-speed USB IF to the tuner
>shouldn't be that much of a problem.
>It seems though, the E4000 can only be obtained from Elonics. No luck
>with digikey, R+S, farnell...
>Maybe we should try to ask Elonics if they'd be willing to provide
>some samples+datasheet and the DVB-T reference design.
>If we somehow could put an open design together, I guess we could find
>someone to build+sell larger quantities.
>I really would be interested in such a dongle w/ faster ADCs.
>What do you think?
>Benedikt / hunz
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