small patch for float_to_bits and tetra-rx

ciaby ciaby at
Mon Aug 15 23:43:31 UTC 2011

This patch just convert read/write into fread/write, which are buffered
and a bit faster... (actually, quite a lot faster) :-)
It works, have been tested at the CCC, and allow osmo-tetra to run in
real-time on a crappy Atom CPU.
Btw, if you like to run the entire decoding chain in real-time, just do
this (assuming that you use the funcube dongle):
cd src/demod/python
mkfifo out.float
mkfifo out.bit
./ -D hw:1,0 -c <offset>  -o out.float 
//(normally the fcdp runs on the second alsa port, change it to the
appriopriate one).
../../float-to-bits out.float out.bit
../../tetra-rx out.bit
I'm still not 100% sure about the speech decoder, but i don't have any
good sniffer dump with speech traffic to test it, i will let you know in
a week or so...
Happy hacking! :-)


P.S. I have a plan to convert the float-to-bits code into a proper GNU
Radio module, shouldn't be too difficult, is there any interest into
continuing this project?
As I understood Harald is quite busy with other stuff (and rightfully
so), but I think that we should move forward. Volunteers? ;-)

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