educational samples and theoreticaly ways to get them

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Mon Apr 25 14:23:03 UTC 2011

> Nope I didn't miss that. Chosen Ciphertext or Known Plaintext attacks
> might still proof some valueable points. Actually otherwise this would be
> less interesting.

Well, yeah but how would you get chosen / known plaintext ?

You can't really buy equipment that has TEA support in theory, its  
distribution is limited.
Finding TETRA stuff is already not trivial, but finding some that has TEA  
is even harder.

It's sometime possible to find just the FW files from some "shady  
connections", but it's unclear if they'd work or if they depend on some HW  
feature and at > 200 eur per handset not many people are ready to risk  
bricking them for experiments :p

And even then you often don't control enough to know / choose what it sends.

Definitely quite a challenge :) But yeah can be fun if you can afford it.


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