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Ok so the Gnu Radio diagram that I did is correct? I tried a carrier frequency of 1 Mhz with a sampling rate of 31 Mhz of I should have got a signal at 30Mhz but it was not working very well. I needed a carrier of at least 2 Mhz to got a signal.

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Well, as a VGA adapter, the FL2000 doesn't come with any mixer.
So, all you can do is use images, since the DAC also lacks a proper
reconstruction filter. You get mathematical repetitions at every
multiple of the sampling rate – "undersampling" is the the term you
want to read up on.

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On Tue, 2018-05-01 at 12:03 +0000, azerty lr wrote:
> Hello,
> First thank you for this FL2000 hack, it's very nice!
> I tried to make an FM & AM transmitter with it and GNU Radio. It's working fine if I save to a file and then use fl2k_file to transmit the data but with the tcp server and fl2k_tcp, my computer is not fast enough to sample in real time at 100 MHz. I also tried with a 35 Mhz sampling rate but it's not real time. Here is the diagram I used.
> Is there a possibility to avoid sampling at a very fast rate if the data bandwidth is small to do the baseband to carrier shift?
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> Jean-Paul
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