Cinaed Simson cinaed.simson at
Thu Oct 19 02:12:03 UTC 2017

On 10/18/2017 05:20 PM, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	I am running Debian 7 on a system and Debian 8 on two
> other PC's and a raspberry PI and having no luck on running the build-gnuradio
> script.

You're the wrong mailing list. You want

I recommend using pybombs - I've never heard of build-gnuradio script.

Also, make sure there's only one installation of gnuradio - otherwise
you're going to have trouble.

Check to make sure the system doesn't already have a version of gnuradio

  apt list --installed | grep gnuradio

I've built gnuradio under wheezy and jessie from source on a BeaglBone
Black, Odroid-C2, Odroid-XU4 and an i7 laptop. But I didn't use pybombs
- I used my own scripts.

-- Cinaed

> 	All the Debian 8 systems get as far as stating that the
> version is unsupported and that's it.
> 	The Debian 7 system (wheezy) goes through a number of
> tests before bombing on not being able to execute certain
> processes but it appears to get farther than any of the Debian 8
> (jessie) systems so it appears that Debian 7 is closest.
> 	Is there any place in the script to find a version number
> so as to be sure that this script is the latest version?
> 	I would like to try to receive DMR transmissions as well
> as try some of the other interesting decoding possibilities but
> so far, nothing but failure to launch.
> Thanks for any constructive ideas.
> Martin McCormick

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