Uccess! My first librtlsdr application

Lucas Teske lucas at teske.net.br
Fri Aug 5 16:29:29 UTC 2016

Nice Neoklis!

It looks good, I will give a try on the weekend :D

Btw, you should post the source-code at github, in this way it is easier
to submit patches and stuff.


Em 05/08/2016 02:09, Neoklis Kyriazis escreveu:
> Hi
> First, my thanks to everyone involved with the development and
> release of librtlsdr. Well done. :-)
> I always wanted to try my hand building an SDR application and
> so I installed the latest librtlsdr and started writing code 
> to test the various functions in the librtlsdr library. Having
> gotten familiar with this, I started work on modifying my old
> Wx satellite APT image decoder app, xwxapt, to support an rtlsdr
> receiver beside the linear VHF receiver it was written for.
> Its always difficult to extensively modify an existing app, but
> in the end it all worked out well and xwxapt can now receive the
> old APT format images from Wx sats with the rtl-sdr receiver. In
> the process, I modified xwxapt to include controls for the rtl-sdr
> unit, display an FFT-derived spectrum of the 2.4kHz sub-carrier
> and a spectrum of the baseband O/P of the RTL2832 device. Images
> are decoded in real time and displayed incrementally in xwxapt's
> window. xwxapt is available under the GPL at:
> http://www.5b4az.org/ in Weather Imaging->Image Decoders menu.
> --
> Best Regards
> Neoklis - Ham Radio Call:5B4AZ
> http://www.5b4az.org/

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