add new Hardware ID (VID / PID) of already supported device - no listet yet

Martin Hochdekker martin.hochdekker at
Sat Jan 31 23:44:33 UTC 2015


I want to inform you about a new hardware ID that is currently not yet
listet in sourcecode, but does work out of the box once the VID / PID is
added to the list in "librtlsdr.c".

Hardware ID: *15f4:0133*
VID: 15f4
PID: 0133
Manufacturer: HanfTek

We already tried it out successfully under Linux by adding a new line with
these specifications to "librtlsdr.c" and compiled. We successfully ran
rtl_test, rtl_tcp and rtl_fm. I want to run it with SDR# Windows and was
told to get in contact with the developers of the driver, in order to get
it working.


I don't know how long it takes the maintainer / developer to add the line,
compile and provide the binaries officially... But I tried on my own like
20 times to compile steven-m's rtl-sdr from github under *Windows* 7 with
my modified librtlsdr.c with no success. Although I dont have any
experience in compiling stuff on Windows. So I'm wondering, maybe is there
someone who does know how to compile - please please would you compile a
modified version and send me the specific binarys for testing? :D I can't
compile them on my own - it's just horrible.

If u know how to compile it: just clone the sourcecode from Then open the* file "librtlsdr.c"*

*add a new line after line 316:{ 0x15f4, 0x0133, "HanfTek DVB-T" },*

*Anyone can do this for Windows 7? Pleaz*

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