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Wed Jan 8 17:06:17 UTC 2014

Hey list, new guy here!

Got rtl-sdr built and it looks like my dongle (ezcap RTL2832U/FC0013) is 
working. I have gnuradio v3.7.2.1-116-ge751e54a installed and working.

I'm confused about configuring gr-osmosdr. In particular this output from 

-- Configuring sysmocom OsmoSDR support...
--   Disabling sysmocom OsmoSDR support.
--   Override with -DENABLE_OSMOSDR=ON/OFF

Isn't libosmosdr part of gr-osmosdr? How can it have itself as a dependency? 
I tried overriding, but it didn't have any effect.

I went ahead and built and installed anyway and a bunch of osmosdr stuff did 
get installed in my gnuradio dir (see below).

Before I try to get my dongle working in gnuradio, I just wanted to check 
that there aren't any important pieces missing due to "Disabling sysmocom 
OsmoSDR support". It sounds scary.

Thanks, Johan

foo:~/local/gnuradio> find . -name \*osmo\*

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