One issue with LTE cell scanner?

Steve Markgraf steve at
Wed Jan 8 18:13:00 UTC 2014


On 08.01.2014 08:40, Jiao Xianjun wrote:
> I found that librtlsdr in github
> 003bd51167d9680e9721c7296323fdffe4be5a09 can't work with
> LTE-Cell-Scanner <>
> 5fa3df8a5d915c73cacea843021ce0c5b317522f in github.
> But librtlsdr release 0.5.2
> 2d0eaa898d2d4e271aed87ae3849a80ac12cf76c is OK.
> The 'can't work' means:
> LTE-Cell-Scanner show seg-fault/core-dump when it checks the second
> frequency point after finishes the first frequency point.
> A debug tracing shows that the crash is at rtlsdr_set_center_freq().

On a first try, I can't reproduce the issue here.
Can you please provide the following additional information:

- exact command line arguments you invoked CellSearch with
- tuner of your rtl-sdr device (I tried with both R820T and E4000)
- name, version and architecture of the distribution you are using


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