Reset after hot insertion of USB tuner

Richard Ranson r.ranson at
Mon Sep 2 19:43:26 UTC 2013

I have had great help before from this list, so many thanks for that.

I am using an ezcap tuner with a raspberry pi running a Debian based linux
OS called Raspbian.  I have built the drivers from the git hub and they
work fine. As an aside, I found the installation much easier than when I
tried it directly on my PC.

My question is that I find that if I plug the USB device in when linux is
running, it causes a re-boot of the whole OS. (btw, disconnection has no
effect). Is this the case with full blown linux systems, or just some
peculiarity of the more limited raspberry pi?  Also, it is a bit of a
nuisance, so does anyone know of a way to stop this?

many thanks Richard
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