rtl-fm yet another audio cature problem

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sat Nov 17 14:58:46 UTC 2012

> I have tried (in a bash shell):
> rtl_fm -f 96.3e6 -s 48000 - | aplay -r raw -f dat -c 1

For rtl_fm, -s sets the station bandwidth, you probably want -r to set the 
output sample rate instead.  You probably also want -W for wideband FM mode.

For aplay, -r sets the input sample rate, and "raw" isn't a valid sample rate. 
  You probably mean -t instead.  This works for me:

   rtl_fm -f 105.3e6 -W -r 48000 - | aplay -t raw -f dat -c 1


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