The real problem with this thing

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at
Tue Aug 14 03:44:11 UTC 2012

> so it is /designed/ for FM?  That's encouraging because mostly that is all I
> really need from it, only all my experiments so far have yielded only
> AM-quality sound, but it's good to hear because it means there's /hope/ and so
> I'll just keep hanging in there until an FM recipe surfaces :)

Yes, because the dongles provide digital TV (via hardware) and as an extra 
selling point, analogue FM radio (provided via the SDR.)

I don't know what platform you're on or what your goals are, but I hear the 
SDR# program for Windows offers excellent stereo FM support, as it's one of 
the few programs that can deal with the ~120kHz bandwidth needed for a WBFM 


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