Bug hunting

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Aug 8 02:44:14 UTC 2012

Dimitri Stolnikov wrote:
>> It would be nice if the "audio_alsa_source[hw:X]: Device or resource busy" 
>> could be fixed.
>> The problem with that bug is you can't even interogate the device driver 
>> for supported gain, etc... If the device is used by another application.
> Not sure we can address that problem in gr-osmosdr, since the error comes 
> from gnuradio-fcd library. Its very similar to how the UHD devices behave, 
> you have to open the device to be able to query available sample rates etc. 
> Imagine that a user specifies a custom master clock rate via mcr= argument 
> (stored in the EEPROM) in UHD, the available sample rates would be 
> different from their default values. But the library has to open the device 
> first, query the mcr value from the hardware and then return the available 
> rates, for example.
> On other words, if a device is being used, you loose.

At least on Linux it's possible for multiple applications to perform
control transfers to the same device in parallel.


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