Bug hunting

Dimitri Stolnikov horiz0n at gmx.net
Tue Aug 7 23:23:55 UTC 2012

Hi Christian,

> It would be nice if the "audio_alsa_source[hw:X]: Device or resource  
> busy" could be fixed.
> The problem with that bug is you can't even interogate the device driver  
> for supported gain, etc... If the device is used by another application.

Not sure we can address that problem in gr-osmosdr, since the error comes  
 from gnuradio-fcd library. Its very similar to how the UHD devices behave,  
you have to open the device to be able to query available sample rates  
etc. Imagine that a user specifies a custom master clock rate via mcr=  
argument (stored in the EEPROM) in UHD, the available sample rates would  
be different from their default values. But the library has to open the  
device first, query the mcr value from the hardware and then return the  
available rates, for example.

On other words, if a device is being used, you loose.

> For example, I have permanently 2 devices plugged in, I use an FCD to  
> send AIS data to aishub.com, and a RTL to experiment with.
> The problem with this bug is that if you use python you can't even catch  
> the exception, it simply crash the script. I think that the behaviour is  
> different when using C++.

We're investigating this known issue. As always, patches are very much  

Best regards,

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