[PATCH 0/3] Add LSM/SELinux support for GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP)

Pablo Neira Ayuso pablo at netfilter.org
Wed Sep 30 10:17:36 UTC 2020

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 10:49:31AM +0100, Richard Haines wrote:
> These patches came about after looking at 5G open source in particular
> the updated 5G GTP driver at [1]. As this driver is still under
> development, added the LSM/SELinux hooks to the current stable GTP
> version in kernel selinux-next [2]. Similar hooks have also been
> implemented in [1] as it uses the same base code as the current 3G
> version (except that it handles different packet types).

Yes, [1] looks like it is based on the existing 3G driver in the Linux

> To test the 3G GTP driver there is an RFC patch for the selinux-testsuite
> at [3].
> To enable the selinux-testsuite GTP tests, the libgtpnl [4] library and
> tools needed to be modified to:
> Return ERRNO on error to detect EACCES, Add gtp_match_tunnel function,
> Allow gtp-link to specify port numbers for multiple instances to
> run in the same namespace.
> A patch for libgtpnl is supplied in the selinux-testsuite patch as well
> as setup/test instructions (libgtpnl is not packaged by Fedora)
> These patches were tested on Fedora 32 with kernel [2] using the
> 'targeted' policy. Also ran the Linux Kernel GTP-U basic tests [5].

I don't remember to have seen anything similar in the existing tunnel

Why do you need this?

> [1] https://github.com/PrinzOwO/gtp5g

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