Problem when building OsmoSGSN

XINKE ZHANG xinke.zhang at
Tue Jan 30 06:53:22 UTC 2018


Thanks for your advice. I ran make install as root, and there was no "Permission denied" error.

Log files are attached to this email. Pls help check this problem. Thank you.

Best Regards,


From: Pau Espin Pedrol <pespin at>
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2018 11:36
To: XINKE ZHANG; osmocom-net-gprs at
Subject: Re: Problem when building OsmoSGSN


it's difficult to say if you don't provide any log or detailed
information other than "it is not working", but from your input I'd say
that usually you need to run make install as root (sudo make install).
If you check more closely you will see that it most probably is
outputting some "Permission denied" error during that step.

- Pau Espin Pedrol <pespin at>
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