GTP-U support for a UE with multiple bearers (LTE)

Harald Welte laforge at
Wed Apr 18 10:41:21 UTC 2018

Hi Shashank,

your reading of the code is correct.  The module was developed for 2G/3G use cases
at the time.  It does very well support scenarios with multiple PDP contexts that each
have their own IP addresses, but it would not work for scenarios where you'd need
to have multiple EPS bearers (PFCs?) that all share one MS/UE-side IP address.

Having said this, nothing prevents you or any third party to contribute related patches
to the kernel to extend the existing feature set.

What I'm slightly worried about is the filtering criteria based on which
you decide whihc TEID/tunnel/EPS-bearer you're using.  After all, one
doesn't want to invent yet another packet filter in the kernel and if
possible reuse any of the existing infrastructure.

Can you point me to the relevant 3GPP spec that lists the filter /
matching criteria that would need to be supported for traffic from the
Gi side to decide which TEID to use?


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