Unable to start osmo-ggsn with -g or --gtp-linux options

Ravi Tandon ravi.tandon1982 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 15:15:09 UTC 2017


I compiled osmo-ggsn and was trying to run it as per the instructions
present on https://osmocom.org/projects/openggsn/wiki/Kernel_GTP

But when I try to start osmo-ggsn *using -g or --gtp-linux*, it says
invalid option.
Please let me know how to start it using gtp kernel.

I have modprobed gtp.ko successfully.

[root at localhost osmo-ggsn]# lsmod |grep gtp
gtp                    28672  0
ip6_udp_tunnel         16384  1 gtp
udp_tunnel             16384  1 gtp

[root at localhost examples]# osmo-ggsn --gtp-linux -c osmo-ggsn.cfg -d
*osmo-ggsn: unrecognized option '--gtp-linux'*
<0002> ggsn.c:159 APN(internet): Starting
<0002> ggsn.c:162 APN(internet): Opening TUN device tun4
<0002> ggsn.c:167 APN(internet): Opened TUN device tun4
<0002> ggsn.c:178 APN(internet): Setting tun IP address
<0002> ggsn.c:224 APN(internet): Creating IPv4 pool
<0002> ggsn.c:245 APN(internet): Successfully started
<0002> ggsn.c:159 APN(inet6): Starting
<0002> ggsn.c:162 APN(inet6): Opening TUN device tun6
<0002> ggsn.c:167 APN(inet6): Opened TUN device tun6
<0002> ggsn.c:190 APN(inet6): Setting tun IPv6 address 2001:780:44:2000::/56
<0002> ggsn.c:236 APN(inet6): Creating IPv6 pool 2001:780:44:2000::/56
<0002> ggsn.c:245 APN(inet6): Successfully started
<0002> ggsn.c:159 APN(inet46): Starting
<0002> ggsn.c:162 APN(inet46): Opening TUN device tun46
<0002> ggsn.c:167 APN(inet46): Opened TUN device tun46
<0002> ggsn.c:178 APN(inet46): Setting tun IP address
<0002> ggsn.c:190 APN(inet46): Setting tun IPv6 address
<0002> ggsn.c:224 APN(inet46): Creating IPv4 pool
<0002> ggsn.c:236 APN(inet46): Creating IPv6 pool 2001:780:44:2100::/56
<0002> ggsn.c:245 APN(inet46): Successfully started
<0002> ggsn.c:687 GGSN(ggsn0): Starting GGSN
<000d> gtp.c:705 GTP: gtp_newgsn() started at
<0002> ggsn.c:724 GGSN(ggsn0): Successfully started
<0005> telnet_interface.c:102 telnet at 4260
<000c> control_if.c:788 CTRL at 4257

Also, I tried executing gtp-tunnel list but it gives empty output.

[root at localhost tools]# ./gtp-tunnel list
[root at localhost tools]#

Please help.

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