kernel-to-kernel gtp implementation

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Fri May 5 10:29:18 UTC 2017


I am currently working in a project where I was asked to implement a GTP
tunnel from client to company servers.

I have read through osmocom pages and tried to implement the simple network
structure. I have seen from Basic testing of openGGSN page:

"     test GTP-U interoperability of the kernel with at least one other
implementation, not just kernel-to-kernel (which currently is not supported
in the kernel, as it only implements the GGSN/P-GW role)   "

I would not like to implement openGGSN but just linux-kernel-gtp-u
implementation between two kernels.

To achieve kernel-to-kernel implementation, I found sgsn patch on the

and there is already a kernel-gtp-U in osmocom.

So, my basic network structure is below.

[image: Satır içi resim 2]

I would like make a tunnel between sgsn and ggsn. I have used libgtpnl
tools to create link and then tunnel. I have added a default gateway GTP
interface to route table on sgsn side, but the packets cannot reach ggsn

Is there any detailed explanation for a simple bidirectional tunnel setup.
If so, it would be so nice to know about.

Thank you for all your efforts,
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