allow gtp tunnel updating in libgtpnl: gtp_add_tunnel()

Jiannan Ouyang ouyangj at
Tue Mar 28 22:13:18 UTC 2017

Hi Harald,

On 3/27/17, 1:33 AM, "Harald Welte" <laforge at> wrote:

>     As a minor side note: Please note the authoritative source for libgtpnl
>     is at> 2A84uHXjAGh8m2cXdeZHZX8UmaRo4fZvXY&s=ZqNrEp-B5LpzCqShvyFFtEFsBy-Bnzm9SGhEFjbXysY&e= 
Got it, thanks!

>    To me it's quite obvious that a function called "gtp_add_tunnel()"
>    should only add a new tunnel and hence I think the current behavior is
>    correct.
>    However, I guess you could simply submit a patch with
>    "gtp_update_tunnel()" or "gtp_modify_tunnel()" which can modify an
>    existing tunnel.  The latter might probably be required anyway in other
>    cases?
Yeah, I agree current behavior is correct, though the “right fix” would require changes to the kernel module, libgtpnl, and OAI.
If we are going down that path, I would like to first have a more comprehensive plan on what features we want, and what changes
are needed. Once we have that, I can work with the community on the implementation. Thank you!


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