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Fri Mar 10 17:44:52 UTC 2017

Thanks for the information! I have a working but somewhat shallow
understanding of the code, but maybe I can give it a shot.

I have a GSM test lab set up - I'm limited by the speed of sending SMS and
was hoping SMS over GPRS would be a solution. I am also considering
Osmocom's experimental 3G support (with new hardware) which may be a more
appropriate solution without requiring additional dev work.


On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 3:10 AM, Harald Welte <laforge at> wrote:

> It is a TODO item means: somebody  yet has to implement it. There is no
> existing work on it so far.
> I think there is little effort in the actual transmission of the SMS over
> a GPRS channel itself. The bigger question is who will handle it and where.
> SMS handling so far was/is inside the NITB, and GPRS handling is inside the
> So the logical choice is to first externalize the SMSC code from the NITB
> (or now OsmoMSC on which Neels is working) and then simply talk to that
> external smsc from both the SGSN and the MSC.
> In terms of effort, I would assume anywhere between one and two weeks full
> time for somebody familiar with the code.
> Regards,
> Harald.
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