Contribute to Osmocom and receive a free 3.5G femtocell

Harald Welte laforge at
Mon Jan 9 12:14:31 UTC 2017

Dear all,

not everyone might have seen the news item that was posted in late
December on our website at

I'm looking forward to receiving your proposal on how you would
contribute to the Osmocom project if you were to receive one of those
free 3.5G femtocells.

Quote of the news item below:

So please excuse me to cross-post this over several Osmocom project
mailing lists.  I know that a number of people have either hacked on
femtocells in the past, or at least expressed interest in doing so...

Osmocom's support for 2G/GSM is mature and widespread. Since 2016, we're
taking on the next level: 3G/3.5G. The key to running your own 3G
network is to obtain actual 3G cell hardware -- here is an exciting
opportunity to get started:

No less than 50 femtocells will be given away for free by sysmocom, one
of the main drivers of the Osmocom project. To receive a free 3G
femtocell, tell us how you will help the Osmocom project drive 3.5G
forward if you had one, before the end of January 2017. This marks the
launch of the 3.5G Acceleration Project, backed by the Osmocom
community. Join us!

Find further details on the 3.5G Acceleration Project and receiving your
own 3G femtocell for free at

Best regards and happy hacking,
	Harald Welte

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
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