RFC: OpenGGSN split/rename

Max msuraev at sysmocom.de
Mon Aug 28 12:25:48 UTC 2017


With the ongoing split of OpenBSC into per-project repository, I wonder if we could
do the same to OpenGGSN and split libgtp into separate repository?


* would simplify docs for newcomers (it's not obvious that openggsn have to be built
ahead of OsmoSGSN because of libgtp)

* simplify release process (we can release libgtp independently of OpenGGSN, makes it
easier to automate too)

While at it and considering recent IPv6 support (and related config changes) it might
be also good idea to rename it to OsmoGGSN (and libosmo-gtp?) to clearly mark the
breaking point.

What do you think?

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