kernel GTP-U support dev roadmap

Jiannan Ouyang ouyangj at
Fri Apr 21 19:18:32 UTC 2017

Hi Harald,

On 4/20/17, 3:21 PM, "Harald Welte" <hwelte at> wrote:

>   If you can work on it, by all means do so.  I think particularly the
>    IPv6 support (both on the user payload (inner IP) as well as the outer
>    transport IP is much appreciated by everyone.

Currently, I’m investigating lightweight tunnel (lwt) support for gtp, 
a wishlist feature listed on your netdev talk.

Please correct me if I’m wrong:
gtp.ko currently uses the genl interface to talk to libgtpnl in userspace for 
tunnel management. With lwt support, it is possible to manage gtp tunnels 
with iproute2 commands. In this case, libgtpnl may be deprecated and 
replaced by iproute2 in the future. Is that correct?

>    It may make sense to coordinate with Andreas, to make sure there's not
>    too many merge conflicts between his work and yours.

Andreas, would you please share your plan on the gtp kernel module?


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