Queries regarding L1 interface to osmo-bts for 11 bit RACH

Bhargava Abhyankar Bhargava.Abhyankar at radisys.com
Wed Mar 23 11:50:51 UTC 2016

Hello Harald,
	Thanks for the inputs.

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 2.50 AM, Harald Welte wrote:

> a) on L1SAP, extend ph_rach_ind_param with
> * a uint16_t for 'ra'
> * add a member 'is_11bit' to indicate 8/11 bit
> * an enum to indicate the different burst types

Struct  ph_rach_ind_param will be enhanced as suggested by you. 

> (and change the osmo-bts-* implementations as well as common code to use  that updated definition)

Further patches will be triggered by incorporating the suggested inputs in osmo-pcu and osmo-bts. Initially we are planning to make osmo-bts changes in osmo-bts-sysmo and followed by other platforms.

Bhargava Abhyankar

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